What services we offer

Sooner or later, the adaptation is the necessity of every residential or business object either because of the dilapidation or conversion of an object or a different arrangement of premises. Often, life needs, needs for additional space or rooms are changing. We are ready to carry out all the works to make your space beautiful and comfortable.

Over the years, we have gained significant experience and expertise in turnkey construction projects. Our primary task is to be satisfied with the client. We approach every project professionally. Expect honest and quality work from us. All works are carried out within the agreed time period according to the Contract accepted by the Investor in compliance with the rules of the profession. With the necessary tools and equipment we perform the works quickly and with quality, and we give the WARRANTY on the performed works and embedded materials.


  • 1. Painting Works

    Life in a imaginatively and functionally equipped home, it is a pleasure for every individual. Decorating your home is a great challenge, full of surprises and the desire to create something special from your space.

  • 2. Plaster Works

    Gypsum is a building material known and used since ancient times, and today, in combination with modern technology, provides new ways of rapid construction and shifts in modern architecture.

  • 3. Installation of Carpentry

    For all carpentry jobs of a smaller or larger volume, we are always at your disposal, whether you need detailed measures, organizing the delivery of carpentry or the installation of windows and doors in your home.

  • 4. Flooring

    All the materials we use in the preparation of flooring works are specially selected, so they are maximally environmentally friendly, first of all for the safety of the user and the environment in which we are located.

  • 5. Heating and Air Conditioning

    A more frequent and almost indispensable need for a quality residential or business space is comfortable living and working microclimate, which can be effectively achieved by the quality installation of the cooling and heating system.

  • 6. Electrical Works

    We perform new electrical installations, adapt existing electrical installations, mount lightning rods, portafones, lighting of all kinds and more.

  • 7. Water & Sewage Works

    When carrying out the works we observe the rules of the profession, adopt new technologies with the use of quality tools and materials, with trained personnel.

  • 8. Roofing Works

    Covering all types and shapes of roofs, badges, canopies. Reconstruction and rehabilitation, protection against leakage.

  • 9. Demolition and waste disposal

    Demolition of all types of walls with maximum safety of the building and the environment. Disposal of shots in the prescribed manner.

  • 10. Masonry work

    Whether it is the construction of a new home or the modernization of the dream home, there is always something to do for committed home improvement in the field of bricklaying.


Our low-energy and passive houses are the unique and most practical solution in our market and they respond with an attractive modern design. We were the first to build smart homes in Serbia and the great experience behind us.